About Strømmes

Strømmes has for 50 years been one of the leading suppliers in Norway of promotional items, corporate clothes and gifts. We deliver creative and unique branding solutions that ensures businesses a clear and attractive identity.

The combination of expertise and serious suppliers have made us a supplier for large and small businesses in most industries.

Our supplier network is wide and consists of different types of suppliers in Scandinavia, Europe and the Far East. Our international cooperation enables us to meet the demands and needs of large international companies.

Our vision and our values

Our vision is TOGETHER TOWARDS NEW GOALS. We want to help ensure our customers a clear identity and to create lasting relationships through competence and creativity.

Our values are important to us: TRUST, INNOVATIVE and PURPOSEFUL. Our extensive experience makes us confident that we have the skills required to develop creative and unique solutions for our customers.

Organization and culture

We are 24 dedicated employees, located on Rige just outside the city of Kristiansand in Southern Norway, as well as in the center of Oslo. We have our administration, sales department, customer service, purchasing department and design department at our main offices in Kristiansand, all in the same building.

Our modern warehouse has over 1,500 pallet spaces, and here are safeguarded and distributed the general flow of goods. There is also a separate pick stock for our customers stock.

Webshop and product database

Our Product Database

We have a separate, very large online product database with a selection of products in more than 50 categories. All our customers can access this via a personal login. In our product database you can add products to a shopping cart and send the request directly to your respective consultant. Are you already a customer and would like login , use the form below and we will contact you with your user name and password.

Our client based online stores

We have warehousing and online stores for many of our customers, where our customers can store and deliver products with their own design and branding. This makes logistics and distribution easier for our customers. Many of our clients wants a predictable delivery of products, and a clear policy og branding for the whole organization. Some also want to create their own personal stores, where each employee can purchase clothing and products at a favorable price.